Spring essentials
Whilst in reality, I am well aware that I am anything but chic - you say modest, I say true. If only you could see me now, slobbing in bed with all the leftover breakfast crumbs down me and hair containing more grease than a chip shop (Sexy Elle, sexy...) - I do have a love affair with those essential items that instantly take you from drab to fab*, damn to glam* and rough to buff*.

*Be right back, just off to punch myself in the face/report myself to the police for using the most criminal, nauseating acronyms right there.

But whilst I don't always succeed in the daily quest of "I look like Shrek, now make me look like Kendall Jenner please and thank you!" I do have some tips/items that really will make you feel instantly ready - well, more ready anyway - for Spring and the warmer months. Starting with...

The Make up
I am absolutely by no means saying that you have to wear makeup to look chic, but for me personally (and I imagine a lot of you fellow beauty/fashion bloggers reading this) certain pieces of makeup instantly make me feel more "put together", more "polished", and all those other really annoying/slightly ostentatious phrases. ;) Here are my top picks to do just that:
Tom ford spanish pink
Tom ford spanish pink
Tom ford spanish pink
Tom Ford lipstick, Spanish Pink - Lipstick is my favourite way of pulling a look together and instantly perking up my face/making me look less corpse-like and Tom Ford's Spanish Pink is my absolute favourite for that instant Chic. Not only does the packaging make me feel a million dollars - shallow, but true - but the colour is the most gorgeous peachy pink shade that lasts so well on the lips too. It goes with every look and just brightens your face [insert all the "hallelujah"/hands up emoji's here], click here for a full review. 
Soap and glory archery brow pencil
Soap and glory archery brow pencil
Soap and glory archery brow pencil - If you follow me on twitter - Oh, you don't, you say? Well of course I can link it up for you so you can go and follow straight away. Find me at @ellenextdoor ;) - you'll have heard me have a bitch fit moan about the fact that my brand new archery brow pencil broke and fell out, the very first time that I even opened it. I wasn't impressed, however I just can't do a post about feeling chic and put together without mentioning eyebrows - because we all know how much they frame/transform a face - and for those, this Soap and Glory pencil and brush duo really is  the best out there. An amazing spoolie to brush them into place (and keep them there) and a perfect, waxy pencil that literally just draws on hair-like strokes, filling in the brows in the most natural way. Love this bad boy!*

*However, I don't love losing half the product before I've even used it so if you can get back to me now Soap and Glory customer service team... that would be fab! [insert thumbs up/"no, in all seriousness, please do your job and fast" emoji here]
Essie Peach daiquiri
Essie Peach daiquiri
Essie Peach Daiquiri - Nothing quite manages to cheer me up like painting my nails. (Apart from maybe Harvey Spector Suits/Curry/Chocolate/Wine... I'll stop now) I have an outrageous/humiliating/despicable/[insert your own choice of embarrassing synonym here] nail polish collection, however there are very few that I constantly return to, Essie's Peach Daiquiri is one that I most certainly do return to. A lot. For me, this is the perfect colour for Spring/summer... a bright, coral, peachy pink/red colour that consists of just the right amount of neon to keep it summery, but enough red to be classic and not too "in your face".

The Fashion pieces
Rayban Aviators
Rayban Aviators - Not only do sunglasses make me feel (but let's face it, probably not look) effortlessly cool, they're also a girl's best friend for no makeup days. I have more sunglasses than Kim Kardashian's taken selfies so I tend to rotate on a daily basis, but for Summer, I love a classic Rayban Aviator for that cool, chic LA vibe. (Even if the closest thing I get to going to LA is popping down the road to Peckham lido and stalking all the travel bloggers in the world on Instagram).
Breton Shirt
Stripy, V-neck shirt (H&M last season, similar here- I know, I know, it's Spring/Summer and I'm proclaiming monochrome as a Spring essential, but here me out on this one. Firstly, this is an all year round essential and breton stripes - especially on a well cut shirt - is just all the chic a girl needs. But secondly, I love pairing monochrome with a bright, pastel piece in Spring so that I end up dipping my toe in the colours game, rather than diving face first into a pool of "You look like a candy cane/banana milkshake/complete and utter knob twat". My favourite way to style a Breton shirt in spring? Pair it with a White Blazer...
White blazer
The White Blazer - Well didn't that link in nicely, you'd almost think I used to be TV Producer ;) The white blazer is something that I totally wear to death. It looks fresh, it looks smart, it goes with everything... and it's just easy to wear. A total life saver in those "I have 2 minutes to get ready for a meeting and look like a pile of sh*t rubbish" moments. i.e my entire life!
Forever 21 loafers
Silver loafers
Forever 21 Silver Loafers - I know Silver loafers became a bit of a "thing"/trend a little while back now but for me, they have - and will - definitely stay in my wardrobe for a long time. I love that despite being metallic, they're also kinda' neutral in the sense that they go with everything. They're a statement - which is a total contradiction to the previous sentence but let's roll with it - that pair perfectly with an all black outfit (which we all know I am pretty much an ambassador for) and also I love that the pointed loafer shape means they can easily dress up/smarten up an outfit. An all time favourite shoe fave for me, but what do you think? What shoes instantly make you feel chic?
Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze
Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze
Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze
Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze - Gentle Bronze is one of those gradual tans that you can apply daily and gradually (yep, clue's in the name love) build up a natural tan whilst keeping the skin moisturised. Now, I'm going to keep this short and sweet as I have full review - swatches/before and after's etc. - coming up next week but in short; it is the best gradual tan - in fact, maybe even best overall tan in general - that I have ever used. Unlike most moisturising tans, it absorbs so quickly (sticky/tacky skin is my biggest bugbear and the reason that prior to this I hadn't tanned in years) whilst delivering an even, complete non-streaky natural tan. I think that the vast majority of us feel better, and more confident with a tan - especially in the warmer months - and as I don't condone sun beds or too much sunbathing, this tan is the totally the way forward for me.
Stella McCartney perfume
Stella Mccartney perfume
Stella Mccartney perfume
I am not a very patient person, so saving the best until last usually doesn't work for me, however I have managed to do that today. When Fragrance Direct very kindly asked me if I wanted to receive a fragrance, I totally jumped at the chance as for me, nothing totally completes a look like spritzing your favourite perfume. Now, I'm not going to lie, I am very fussy with perfume so randomly picking a scent was slightly risky - I know, talk about live on the edge. Yolo'ing big time here - but in the end I opted for Stella McCartney, Stella* as I'd heard a lot about this fragrance, and dayum did I pick a goodun...

If I do say so myself...

I am truly awful at describing things so my advice would be to go and smell this for yourself, but according to my untrained sense of smell - and the Fragrance Direct website - this is a really feminine, sophisticated and floral fragrance. It does have a citrusy scent (which some can find a bit much) but thanks to the notes of rose and a warm amber base... it really is totally non-offensive and just a gorgeous scent. Yes, everyone has their own taste when it comes to perfume, but I honestly can't imagine anyone disliking this as it's just such a fresh, floral but warm scent... catering to all needs. I have lost count of the times that I've been complimented on this scent, and alongside Jo Malone's Wood Sage and sea salt... this has rocketed to the top of my favourite perfume leaderboard. (Yes, I totally have one of those). Oh, did I mention that it literally stays on the skin all day long too? Well there you go, I have now...

For me; once I'm dressed, have my nails done, my face painted slapped on and my tan glowing, a spritz of perfume is the one thing that makes me feel amazing - and just chic - before leaving the house. And I think we all know that when you feel good, you project that on the outside, so you look good too. Enough waffling/rambling/"please can you just stop taking" vibes from me, go and have a sniff of this when you're out shopping (and then obviously come straight home and order it from Fragrance Direct ;)).

So that brings my little tips/"Hey, here's what makes me feel fab in Spring" post to end. I personally love reading these types of posts so I really hope you enjoyed this. I would love to know which products/fashion pieces/"things" are your Spring Chic essentials? Feel free to let me know in the comments below :)

As always, thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post!


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