You can sit with us

I'm not one for a bandwagon. Well, maybe that's not entirely true. I generally abandon a trend while it's, erm, on trend? And then jump on it a whole load'a time later. Which is exactly what I've done with the t-shirt in question today. (A whole post about a t-shirt. Riveting stuff on 'the Elle next door' today. Riveting stuff!)

I'll start by saying that Mean Girls is genuinely one of my favourite films. It's definitely up there in my in my top five which I understand probably makes me a little tragic - that's just the beginning love... - and a little bit of a loser but I just can't help it. It makes me laugh, it's a feel good film, and it inspires fashion items apparently. What more could you want?
I left the whole "You can't sit with us" tee's after I saw at least 6 people wearing it in one day, however I came across the t-shirt in today's post and immediately fell in love. The cut and shape is relatively flattering on me - I think - the material is extremely soft and comfortable to wear and I generally just love the pattern/colour.

I also happen to be particularly late to the whole 'plaid shirt tied around your waist' look, and I'm a bit sad about that. No, I definitely don't pull off Sincerely Jules cool in this as I was hoping praying begging for, but, it does kind of give off a casual cool vibe I think.

(Emphasis on the word 'think')
I also picked up these shoes recently after declaring a "I need black mules" mission, and I'll give you one guess - this is me after all - where they're from. Any guesses, you over the back there? I'll tell you shall I... they are from my Mecca, the second home, the place of belonging (OK, OK, I'll give it a rest now) Yeah... they're from Primark, and I bloody love them!
And that's about it from me. It's been a busy week that ended with the most perfect weekend consisting of some beach time - Botany Bay in Kent is just [insert thumbs up emoji here] - and a Oxford St and Soho shop crawl. And I really was crawling by the end of it!

So, what are you thoughts on icon tee's, what did you get up to at the weekend? I wanna hear from you! :)

As always, thanks so much for reading, see you in the next post!


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